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12 Amazing Las Vegas "Elvis" Wedding Packages For Under $299
"Viva Las Vegas!" sang Elvis Presley in 1964, as Lucky Jackson in his 1964 movie Viva Las Vegas. While the legendary singer/movie star may have moved on, there's no shortage of ordained Vegas ministers that look remarkably like him and are eagerly waiting to marry Elvis buffs worldwide. Couples wanting to be marriedby the King himself have a variety of wedding options to choose from, including 12 amazing complete packages all for under $299.

5 Essential Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Vegas Wedding Package
Getting married in Vegas isn't like getting married in the same city where you live - it's hard to plan a wedding from afar so you'll want to make sure that you ask all of these important questions before signing a contract! Be sure to get all of the answers to each of these important questions prior to making a commitment to any one particular Vegas chapel, hotel, casino or wedding planner.

Top 5 South Lake Tahoe Wedding Locations
It is that time of year again and wedding planning for many people is in full effect. The wedding location sets the tone for the entire event and should be a place the Bride and Groom will remember always. For many couples South Lake Tahoe is the perfect location for their wedding in both the summer and the winter. Here is a list of the top 5 South Lake Tahoe Wedding locations.

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